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The OKC Storm Homeschool Athletic Club has been involved with homeschool sports since 1998 and has been growing and adding new sports to their club ever since. This year will be the first year to have BMX as a homeschool extracurricular activity. This is open to any homeschool student.

Starting this year, Jamie & Luke Harwick will be directing a trial session with the help of YBMX. We are asking for anyone that is riding BMX to contact us to get started on this awesome opportunity.

There will be a day practice session once a week at Yukon BMX (YBMX) and in due time, we hope to be able to bring Sand Spring BMX (SSBMX) on board with us. There will also be a monthly “Clinic”, which is a focused training session with a USA BMX Coach. We are hoping to involve the Wednesday Clinics at Sand Springs.

To use your “Epic Learning Fund” for BMX you will need to verify your funds.


Contact Luke or Jamie and let us know that you want to join, we need to know your student’s name and ID, then determine your tier:


1. Practices and Clinics

2. Clinics Only

3. Practices Only

Families who have a learning funds available to pay for State Races, Gold Cups, even Nationals. Please note that it takes 30 days for billing to go through with Epic, so if you are interested please let us know ASAP.

Note: we would like to talk to each person individually because we want to take it on a student by student basis.

Contact Info

Jamie Harwick       405-240-1903

Lucus Harwick        641-521-2860

Yukon Track Location

Taylor Sports Complex

410 North 11th St.

Yukon, OK 73064



Tuesday’s –Total Points Racing

Sign Ups from 6pm-7pm races @ 7:30pm

Wednesday’s – Practice from 6pm – 8pm

Saturday’s –Race Day Sign Ups 12pm – 1pm races




Brooklyn started racing the summer of 2020. It took her 3 months to move to intermediate. Once in Intermediate she started to gain more confidence in herself. It took another 4 months to get to Expert. The first year we had so much to learn about the sport. In 2021 we hit the road to go to Nationals. She began to find her way and get comfortable. In the beginning the school would work with us so she could miss to travel. But we ran into a few teachers that didn’t work with her. After her 1st semester we decided to switch to virtual thru the school. Her second semester was tough and we didn’t like the format of virtual. We knew several kids that were in Epic and we decided we would give it a try. Epic has been a much better fit and has allowed her to travel.
In 2022 she qualified to go to France to race for Team USA in the world championship. Her goals became bigger and she became even more excited to race. She trained hard but ended up falling short. She made it to the semifinals and crashed. Although she was disappointed she knew she was going to try again. We were so proud of how far she came in such a short amount of time. In February of this year she qualified to race for Team USA in Scotland. We can't wait to watch her live her dream once again this summer.

Keeaira Sherrill is a 14 year old amateur BMX racer from Moore Oklahoma. She races locally at Yukon BMX Raceway. Keeaira races in the 15-16 expert girl class and 15-16 girls cruiser class. She started racing as a novice at the age of 7  and quickly progressed to expert girl. She achieved a world ranking at the age of 9 at the UCI BMX world championships in 2017. Keeaira has had many national wins and podiums over the past few years and has finished the top ten girls in her age group nationally over the past 3 years. And is currently qualified to compete in the 2023 UCI BMX world championships in Glasgow Scotland.

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